Preventative Programmes

Preventative programmes for blocked drains in Belfast

When you choose Drainaway Environmental Services, you will receive fully personalised drain cleaning services. We proudly serve in Belfast and other locations in Northern Ireland.
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Learn to maintain your pipes, tanks and drains

Educating your staff about proper pipe, tank and drain maintenance can alleviate the need for costly environmental services and can save you money in the long run. It can also help keep your staff and customers safe and thriving in a clean, secure environment.
Drain blockages
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Drainaway Environmental Education

Drainaway Environmental Services has been educating businesses just like yours throughout Northern Ireland in the ways of environmental maintenance tactics for years.
To arrange a preventative programme, contact us today and find out how we can help.
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Benefits of preventative programmes:

  •   Save money in the long-term
  •  Maintain pipes, tanks and drains
  •  Thrive in a safe, clean environment
  •  Keep your business running smoothly
  •  Raise hazard awareness
  •  Gain new skills for DIY jobs
  •  Learn from experienced professionals
For clearing out blocked drains in Northern Ireland, call
Drainaway Environmental Services on 07808 476 467

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